Saturday, October 18, 2008


We were there............ and as the newspapers just reported, so were 74,996 other people (give or take). Barack Obama visited Kansas City today for a rally at Liberty Memorial. It was a beautiful day and the crowd was anxious and excited. Josh & I and the kids had a late lunch at Kabuki then walked over, and we couldn't believe the line- extending from the south memorial entrance all the way down the hill to union station. People eager to get a glimpse of the next president (or so we hope) although relatively few were close enough to see him. William (2 1/2) had quite a good time and had been excited about this for days. He yelled BARACK OBAMAAAA as loud as he could and got many laughs. When he saw people taking pictures he assumed they were taking his picture, so he would shout "cheeeese!". What a cutie. Lillian seemed less interested in seeing Obama. She was quiet, just looking around taking it all in. I wondered if anyone so young had ever seen so many people.

It was inspiring, exciting, fun. I am so glad were were there.

We were standing near the back of our area, but this picture of the crowd is just a tiny portion of the overflow area that was behind us. Josh said "Obama was like a rock star... people were fainting and passing out.... of course those were the diabetics".
William and Lillian at the rally:

Ok.... this last picture isn't from today's rally, but I couldn't resist adding a picture of "our first black President"...