Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Under Repair

A few years ago Josh and I were at the Sally Mountain Bluegrass Festival in Queen City, MO. After spending a very hot July day in our tent, my Gibson F9 started coming apart at the neck. Recently our friend and excellent mandolin builder (and musician!), Mark Franzke (check out Flinthills Mandolins) started fixing it. He said the saws and hammer are there for comic effect. I didn't think a thing of it! But glad to know they weren't required. He is also putting on some wider frets and will inlay some fretboard dots! I can't wait!!!


Spring is finally here- although it doesn't quite feel like spring today! We are taking advantage of some nice weather on the weekends to put a flowerbed in front of the house. I'm not quite sure what I've planted, but mostly it's blue and lavender flowers. Peony plants line the sidewalk- but it will be a while before they show themselves. I buried some landscaping bricks to create a border- basically level with the ground so as not to get in the way of the lawnmower. Will post some updates as things fill in.