Thursday, October 25, 2007

William's Words

William knows many words now-- some need translation. Starting with the newest:
ga gee = pacifier (don't have any idea where he got "ga gee")
ee-buh = peanut butter
diiink = drink
cacker = cracker
outsigh = outside
nigh nigh = good night
eat, cookie, no way!, ma maa, da da, go go go, light, uh oh, oh no, mine (oh no!), shoes, socks, toes, nose, eyes, hiiii, bye, see ya, clothes, car, baby
all gone (while gesturing with plams up, fingers spread, shoulders shrugged)
A couple of weeks ago I asked William "Where's mommy's kiss?" and Wm gave me an innocent look, shrugged, and said....... "all gone". *sniffle*

In addition to those words and many more, he also repeats a lot of what we say. 21 months is a fun age!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bad Computer!!

Today our 3 1/2 year old computer crashed. I spent all day trying to figure out how to fix it. When Josh turned the computer on this morning it just kept acting like it was loading windows, then to a boot screen asking to boot in safe mode, then back to the loading windows page, back to boot screen... an endless cycle. I found my bootable windows xp disk and was able to run a recovery and chkdsk /r to repair the hard drive. It seems to be working-- for now!-- so I am in the process of backing up some 1000+ pictures I've taken since I got the digital camera in Feb. 2006. It was scary to think we lost all of those-- all the pictures since William was born. I found this one from when Wm was about 4 months old. I think these two are just too cute.