Thursday, August 23, 2007

Francis Bacon was a scientist during the Age of Exploration who lived from 1561 to 1626 and promoted research based on experimentation. He died from hypothermia sustained from stuffing a snow-packed chicken inside his shirt.
Not to be confused with the 20th Century Anglo-Irish artist (1909-1992) of the same name, although the artist Francis Bacon was what is known as a 'collateral descendant' of his earlier namesake
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Monday, August 6, 2007


We spent the weekend out of town. We had a great time seeing family and attending my cousin Gwen's wedding. I didn't get any good pictures inside the church, but got this one in the hotel room-- William is pulling his cousin Anthony's hair... ouch! We are trying to teach him not to do such things. Anthony is a good sport though, and a GREAT kid. We hope William will grow up to be a lot like Anthony. (Click on the picture to bring up a full size view.)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

"The Cute One" Eats Spaghetti

He's a big boy and can feed himself :o)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Words

My husband just told me William learned a new word today:


he wanted one

Daddy's Slippers

William is now walking around in BOTH of daddy's shoes. They don't slow him down much. He also climbs on top of the rocking horse then over the back of the couch. He is so proud of himself as he plops over the edge and stretches his feet to the floor.
Today I checked out a website I read about on another blog Walk Score calculates the walkability of an address by locating nearby stores, restaurants, schools, parks, etc. Our house scored 2 out of 100. My old place in the city got 82 out of 100. (Although I wouldn't walk outside after dark in that neighborhood!)
My mom's house got 43 out of 100.
Our score of "2" makes me feel like we're out in the boonies.